Filament Barbs

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Black-spot barb - Puntius filamentosus

Scientific name: Puntius filamentosus

Common name: Black-spot barb

Family: Cyprinidae

Usual size in fish tanks: 13 - 15 cm (5.12 - 5.91 inch)


Recommended pH range for the species: 6 - 7

Recommended water hardness (dGH): 5 - 10°N (89.29 - 178.57ppm)

0°C 32°F30°C 86°F

Recommended temperature: 20 - 24 °C (68 - 75.2°F)

The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning

Where the species comes from: South Asia

Temperament to its own species: peaceful

Temperament toward other fish species: peaceful

Usual place in the tank: Middle levels

Food and feeding

Black-spot barbs are not fussy eaters. They will accept quality flakes and blood worm or brine shrimp should be offered as a treat.


South East India; Black-spot barbs are native in the Kaveri River basin.


Males will have a larger dorsal fin which should finish in a spike. In spawning season the males will develop white spots around the mouth.


Use a dimly lit tank for breeding purposes. Add to the tank fine leaved plants or a spawning mop and provide slow water current. The fish will normally spawn at day break and will try to eat the eggs if not removed from them. The eggs should hatch between 24-48 hours later and the fry, when free swimming should be fed on Infusoria initially. After a few days the fry can be fed on newly hatched brine shrimp.


The expected life span for Puntius filamentosus is 2-8 years.

Short description

Puntius filamentosus are ideal for a community tank, they are quite happy with larger tank mates as well. They should be kept in small groups of at least 5 fish.