Bristleena Rock garden red

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Aqua One Bettascape Bristleena Rock Garden Red (28170)

Aqua One’s Artificial Plants will add vibrancy and a fresh look to any aquarium. Each plant features a weighted base to make aquascaping easy.

You are sure to find plant or two to suit your aquarium from the large range available at Aquarium Spare Parts!

Features & Benefits:

  • Rearrange your artificial plants within the aquarium at any time
  • Does not require special lighting, supplements or pruning
  • Safe to use with destructive fish such as Cichlids
  • When adding additional artificial plants to the aquarium there is no risk of introducing foreign pests or parasites
  • Artificial Plants do not decay and will hold their shape longer than live plants
  • Provides aquatic life a place to hide
  • Non-toxic and aquarium safe
  • The weighted base makes aquascaping easy
  • Easily removed and cleaned
  • A great variety of sizes, colours and shapes available to suit any aquarium

Suitable For: Betta Tanks, Coldwater, Tropical & Marine