Blue Pearl Yabbie

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Blue pearl yabbies are the result of selective breeding and some colour variations have been quite spectacular. The name C. albidus is arguable in some groups as being thought of as just a variation of C.destructor. Cherax albidus tends to be more slender and has a mat of dense setae on claws. The housing should be treated exactly like C. destructor. They are hardy and quite comfortable in cold or tropical water. They will dig and eat plants so not recommended for display or plant tanks. They can also be territorial so provide plenty of hides. As yabbies grow they shed their shell and at this time can be vulnerable and eaten by other tank inhabitants. If for any reason yabbies lose a limb, these will be regrown over the next few moults. As with other invertebrates, they are sensitive to copper treatments. Yabbies are also escape art-ist so a cover glass is needed.

  • Species – destructor. Cherax albidus
  • Common Name – Pearl Blue Yabbie
  • Origin – Northern South America, Amazon
  • Diet – carnivorous
  • PH Range – 7 – 8
  • Temperature – Cold or tropical Water 12-20
  • Breed Type – Egg Layer
  • Current Size – approximately 10cm (Grows to approximately 20cm)
  • Sex – Un-sexed