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Blue acara - Aequidens pulcher

Scientific name: Aequidens pulcher

Common name: Blue acara

Family: Cichlidae

Usual size in fish tanks: 16 - 20 cm (6.3 - 7.87 inch)


Recommended pH range for the species: 6.5 - 8

Recommended water hardness (dGH): 4 - 25°N (71.43 - 446.43ppm)

0°C 32°F30°C 86°F

Recommended temperature: 18 - 23 °C (64.4 - 73.4°F)

The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning

Where the species comes from: Central America

Temperament to its own species: peaceful

Temperament toward other fish species: aggressive/territorial

Usual place in the tank: Middle levels


Live food such as small fish, snails, earthworms. Feed them beef heart along quality granules and flakes sometimes.


The male’s anal fin is wider than female’s.


Generally, the Blue Acara is easy to keep and breed. Breeding is easy too. The female usually lays about 200 eggs which hatch in 2-3 days. Remove other fish during spawning, since parents could become very aggressive towards them. Feed newborns with artemia.


Expected lifespan of Blue acara’s is usually up to 10 years.