: Aqua One PlantGlo LEDs are designed to provide aquatic plants with the right lighting spectrum to encourage thick foliage and fast growth. The red and blue light spectrums are essential for tall and healthy aquatic plants. Light Length: 120cm45cm60cm90cm

Features & Benefits:

:Energy Efficient Led LightingPlantGlo contains 4 strips of RGB & White LED€™s in a sleek black aluminium casing.Full spectrum light enhances red, green and blue (RGB) colours in fish and plants.Mounting brackets can easily slide along the channels of the light unit to fit your aquarium. Easily mounted and adjustable with a €œscrew clamp€� fixture.Creates an aesthetically pleasing aquarium enhancing the colours of fish and ornaments, while providing ideal light requirements for aquarium plants.LED lighting provides long term cost saving benefits due to a longer lifespan compared with traditional fluorescent tube replacements.