Aqua One Glass Nano Betta Heaters

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Maintaining correct water temperature is an essential requirement for keeping fish happy and healthy, especially in tropical aquariums and even for Betta Fish! Aqua one makes it easy to maintain the correct temperature with the Nano Preset Heater! Providing precise preset temperature and supreme durability, you will be on your way to professional fish keeping in no time.

Suitable for: Betta, Coldwater, Tropical & Marine

Features & Benefits:

• Preset thermostat set to 26°C

• Easy set up and maintenance

• Available in different wattage to suit

• aquarium size

• Durable glass heater

Notes, Hints & Tips:

• For full set up instructions, please refer to the instruction booklet included.

• Always disconnect the heaters power supply prior to working on the aquarium.

• If removing the heater from the aquarium, turn it off at the power supply, wait 10-15 minutes to allow it to cool and then remove it from the aquarium.

• The heater should not come in contact with the gravel or substrate