White Crane A.D.P. Super G

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White Crane A.D.P Super Green, Granular Type, All Colour Enhancing Fish Food

A community all colour enhancing food. A very special high protein granular food added with high concentration of Probiotic and Spirulina.

Formulated to enhance every colour on all kinds of fish such as blue, green, black, platinum, yellow etc. Probiotic and Spirulina will give all kinds of fish their natural colour.

This special food will enhance full fish colour with in a a short time. Fish colour improvement will be noticed in 7 days.

This food is most suitable for small fish like neons, cardinal tetra's, rasboras, guppies, fighting fish, cichlids and all kinds of fish.

Feeding Instructions:
Feed twice a day to achieve full colour.

Fish meal, Wheat, Fish Oil, wheat gluten, yeast, fish extract, Vitamins, PSB, Enzyme, Probiotic, Spirulina, ethonyquin as a preservative.

Min Crude Protein 55%
Min Crude Fat 10%
Max Crude Fiber 2%
Max Moisture 8%

Vitamin A 10,790 IU/Kg
Vitamin D3 2,300 IU/Kg
Vitamin E 210 mg/Kg
Vitamin C 230 mg/Kg