Aquael Shrimp Set Smart 10 Black

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Aquael Shrimp Set Smart 10 - Black is a neat Nano tank designed for Shrimp or Planted and comes ready to go.

The AQUAEL Company launches a new line of aquarium sets for shrimps – SHRIMP SET SMART.

The sets are intended for keeping shrimps and small fish (including Siamese fighting fish), as well as for the cultivation of aquatic plants necessary for the well-being of aquarium inhabitants.

The Shrimp Smart 10 with the dimensions of 20x20x25 cm and with the capacity of 10 litres.

The Shrimp Set Smart 10 includes a fish tank, a cover glass, a protective sponge mat, a LEDDY SMART PLANT lamp, an internal PAT MINI filter, an automatic heater.

The main distinction of new SHRIMP SET SMART line from earlier versions is the presence of the unique SMART LEDDY lamp with its stylish flat shape.

It emits light with the colour temperature of 8000 K that speeds up the growth of plants thanks to the properly chosen spectrum and emphasises the natural colours of shrimp and fish.

The plastic corner gussets of the earlier models have been replaced with a protective sponge mat under the tank bottom.

Another novelty is the clever suspension of the cover glass. Now the set is lighter and even more ornamental.

Water purity is maintained by the tiny PAT-MINI filter equipped with a dense sponge that is safe even for the smallest shrimp larvae.

They constitute an ideal product for those who like tiny freshwater shrimps and small fish, as well as for the fans of aquatic plant cultivation in a compact cube format.

Thanks to the solutions applied in the set, you can easily create in your aquarium a unique underwater garden that will beautify even the smallest of rooms.