PhosGuard 500ml

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Pond PhosGuard is a non-herbicidal, environmentally sound approach to the problem of phosphate control in ponds. It is a filter adsorbent that removes phosphates, silicates, and organic nutrients. A 2 Liter size treats over 600 US gallons.

Features & Benefits:

Removes Silicate and PhosphateSpherical for Optimal HydrodynamicsIrreversible Binding Directions: Use Pond PhosGuard in the chemical module of your pond filter. If a chemical module is lacking, place in your pond filter so as to maximize the amount of water passing through it. The beads are sufficiently large that a filter bag should not be required for most filters. Check the specifications for your filter. Each liter (approximately a quart) of Pond PhosGuard will treat about 100 to 300 gallons for 1 to 3 months, depending on the biological load of the pond. It works better at alkaline or neutral pH. Avoid using phosphate based buffers or fertilizers that contain phosphate or nitrate. Caution: May generate heat on initial contact with water. Pre-wet by slowly adding to a double volume of water (e.g. pre-wet 1 L of product with 2 L of water).