Blue Planet Multi Cure

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Blue Planet Multi Cure is a multi-purpose formula which is specially designed to treat White Spot (Ichthyophthirius multifillis), Velvet Diseases (Oodinium spp.) and other fungal diseases in freshwater fish (both tropical and cold water).

Directions for Use: A partial water change is recommended (25% capacity) before commencing treatment and every third day thereafter before retreatment until cure is effected. Ensure aquarium water is well aerated and remove activated carbon from filtration system for the duration of treatment.

Activated carbon will remove this product from aquarium water resulting in ineffective treatment. This product contains a dye which will stain if spilled.

Dosage rates: Use 0.25ml (5 drops) per 1L of use at the rate of 5mL per 20L of aquarium water. For tetra species, baby fish and scaleless fish (loaches etc) use at a rate of 5mL per 40L of aquarium water. DO NOT OVERDOSE. Repeat treatment after 3 days.

Active ingredients: 0.40mg/mL malachite green; 4.00mg/mL methylene blue; 2.00mg/mL acriflavine