Electric Blue Crayfish

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Origins of the Blue Crayfish

The Blue Crayfish can be found in reference books with the latin name of Procambarus alleni, it has many common names including Florida crayfish, Everglades crayfish or even the Blue lobster. There is even an electric blue crayfish that displays a magnificent bright blue colouration. They are to be found naturally in North America, they are quite hardy and can live in areas where dry seasons provide little water for them to survive in, they overcome this by burrowing into the moist mud until the rains provide them with decent living conditions again.

The expected size of an adult male crayfish is probably about 5 inches (12-13 cm), selective breeding has produced a higher intensity of blue colouration for the aquarium but in the wild they are much duller in a bid to avoid predators. The Blue Crayfish are very territorial especially towards their own kind, often they will only meet as part of their breeding program.