Live Black Worms

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Australian Live Blackworms will promote the health, condition and colour of your tropical fish and are perfect for breeding.

To store your live worms (250/500grams), is to obtain a few new plastic containers with lids, large enough that the worms are no thicker than 1cm. This will prevent them from suffocating. Rinse the worms daily and prior to feeding to your fish. Drain as much water as possible. Keep the live worms in a fridge.

To feed the live worms to your fish, use a cone feeder. After rinsing, put a small amount in the feeder and float it in your tank. The worms will come out slowly through the holes, allowing the fish to feed before the worms sink to the bottom of your tank or into the substrate.

There is no need to feed the live worms as they will live off their own body weight.