Fluval Stratum

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Collected from the foothills of Mount Aso volcano, Stratum substrates include a powerful mix of nutrients and minerals to nurture healthy plant growth and water conditions.

Supports neutral to slightly acidic pH favored by plants, tropical fish and shrimp

Lightweight, non-compacting granules facilitate strong root development.

Maintains Ideal Water Parameters for Planted Aquariums

Supporting a neutral to slightly acidic pH, Stratum substrates are ideal for live plants as well as tropical fish and shrimp commonly kept in planted aquariums.

Stratum granules provide a natural way to soften water and reduce carbonate hardness (regular KH testing is recommended), all without staining or discoloring aquarium water.

Fosters Extensive Root Development

• 3-5 mm granule size optimized for plants with larger root systems

• Lightweight, non-compacting format reduces weight load on aquarium glass bottom

• For use as a main substrate or bottom layer in planted aquariums with deep roots networks


  • Encourages strong plant growth – roots easily penetrate and spread throughout substrate to obtain key nutrients
  • Porous structure allows for rapid colonization of beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • Helps support neutral to slightly acidic pH – ideal for most plants, tropical fish and shrimp normally kept in planted aquariums
  • Provides newborn shrimp with a refuge from predators until they are large enough to emerge
  • Will not discolor water and helps control organic discoloration when natural driftwood is present
  • For use in freshwater aquariums