Espie Rasbora

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Lambchop rasbora - Trigonostigma espei

Scientific name: Trigonostigma espei

Common name: Lambchop rasbora

Family: Cyprinidae

Usual size in fish tanks: 4 - 5 cm (1.57 - 1.97 inch)


Recommended pH range for the species: 5 - 7.5

Recommended water hardness (dGH): 2 - 10°N (35.71 - 178.57ppm)

0°C 32°F30°C 86°F

Recommended temperature: 22 - 26 °C (71.6 - 78.8°F)

The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning

Where the species comes from: South Asia

Temperament to its own species: peaceful

Temperament toward other fish species: peaceful

Usual place in the tank: Middle levels

Food and feeding

Lambchop rasboras are not fussy eaters; they will readily accept all foods offered. Quality flakes should make up their staple diet, meaty foods should also be offered. White worms and brine shrimp are ideal for this.


Asia; Lambchop rasboras are to be found in Thailand.


Males tend to be more brightly colored. The females will have fuller bodies.


Lambchop rasboras can be a difficult fish to breed. Soft, acidic water must be used with plenty of water changes. Dimming the tank will help and the eggs will be laid on broad leaved plants. When the eggs hatch, the fry will be very small and may be difficult to see with the naked eye. Only small foods like Infusoria or vinegar ells should be offered initially as they cannot take larger foods.


The expected life span for Trigonostigma espei is 3-5 years.

Short description

A group of Trigonostigma espei need to be kept in the aquarium, if kept with larger tank mates; they may prove to be timid. Always include some hiding places for them to retreat to if required.