Hikari Vibra Bites

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Bring out the color and vibrancy of your tropical, carnivorous fish by feeding Hikari® Vibra Bites™ Tropical Fish Food. This complete pelleted diet is the first food that mimics live blood worms to help entice fish to eat. The unique stick shape will move slowly and randomly through you tank's water current, resembling the movements of a live worm and tempting fish to eat.

In addition to the color-enhancing ingredients, Vibra Bites™ also includes mealworms and other carefully selected ingredients to ensure palatability. The balanced formulation offers all the nutrition that a live diet would -- without the risk of bacteria or parasites.

  1. Incredible Color Enhancing Effect
    Carefully selected color enhancing ingredients and the scientifically blended nutrient mix help bring out the brilliant colors of your fish,rapidly!
  2. A Worm-Like Stick With A Purpose
    We developed a unique stick that readily moves with the current while slowly and randomly moving through the water column like live food would.
  3. A Completely Safe Live Food Alternative
    HIKARI® TROPICAL VIBRA BITES™ was developed to have a shape and look of a live Blood Worm,something most tropical fish love.The uniquely balanced formulation offers nutrition live worms simply cannot,without the parasite or bacteria risks.
  4. Unique Ingredients Offer Outstanding Taste
    The inclusion of mealworms and other carefully selected and tasty ingredients,make this a delicious offering most tropical fish immendiately attack time after time.*
    *Results from extensive feeding trials at the HIKARI® Aquatic Lab in Japan.