Oliver Knott Aqua Earth 6 litre

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AquaEarth by Oliver Knott is the No. 1 fertile substrate for powering aquatic plant growth. Being made in Japan and used by world renowned Aquascaper Oliver Knott, this secret blend of Japanese Volcanic Ash, Clays and Minerals will help you achieve a planted aquarium like the professionals. Ideal to be used with tropical fish and shrimp. AquaEarth will help maintain your bio-filtration. The size of the granules are optimal to aid in the growth of fast and healthy plant roots. It will lower the gH of your water to help promote more lush growth that your plants enjoy in a softer water environment. Use AquaEarth by World Renowned Aquascaper Oliver Knott to give your plants the best. Directions: Do not wash product before use Depending on your plants, you may choose to add fertilizers or additives in the empty aquarium. For extra vitality use in conjunction with AquaLat.Evenly spread un-washed AquaEarth over the aquarium base.Use a scraper or ruler to level the surface, or if desired create gradients.Slowly fill your aquarium with water until the water level is about 3-4cm above the AquaEarth. This makes easier planting.Begin planting your aquarium. Make sure you spray your plants with water until the planting process is completed.Once the aquarium is planted, slowly fill your tank to the desired level.Power up your filter system and allow the water to clear over the next few hours. Care and Attention: The water quality control attributes of AquaEarth will naturally decrease over time.AquaEarth is made of natural inorganic material, on rare occasions, minimal foreign matter may be found.Not suitable for strong burrowing fish or use with aquarium gravel cleaners. Pisces Natural Products Aqua earth: Mineral Rich For Aquariums, Paludarium & Tropical Terrariums

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