Aqua One Aquis 500/700/550/750 Nautilus 600/800 O ring

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Aqua One Genuine Replacement Pumphead O-Ring is designed for:

  • Aqua One Aquis Canister Filters 500 & 700
  • Aqua One Aquis II Canister Filters 550 & 750
  • Aqua One Nautilus Canister Filters 600 & 800
  • Via Aqua Canister Filters 230 & 300
  • JBL Canister Filters CP 120 & 250

The Aqua One Pumphead O-Ring goes around the underside of the Pumphead. When the pumphead clips down onto the filter canister it creates a air tight seal. Over time the O-ring can get dry or cracked which allows water to leak out of the canister filter.


  • 1 x Black Pumphead O-Ring