Dymax Algae Wafers

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Dymax Algae Sinking Wafers Supreme

  • High levels of nutritious spirulina contents preferable for sucker fish, plecos and other bottom feeding fish
  • A perfecct balance of premium selected ingredients developed to promote healthier growth for any herbivorous species
  • Contains higher levels of vegetable matter and multiple algaes that plecostomus and other algae eaters prefer
  • The uniquely shaped disc sinks rapidly and retains its shape allowing less aggressive species to nibble over a long period of time.

Algae Wafers Supreme gaurantee excellent nutrition for herbivorous bottom feeding fish. This product is produced with a complete daily diet, fortified with vitamin, supplements and specifically formulated with mostly vegetable materials for sensitive plecostomus, algae eaters and other bottom feeders.

Technical analysis

  • Protein >42%
  • Fat >6%
  • Fiber <5%
  • Moisture <10%
  • Phosphorus >1.2%
  • Ash <18%