Dymax Flora Plus

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Flora Plus is a comprehensive plant supplements that provides essential minerals, magnesium, calcium, iron, trace elements and other important micro elements to aquatic plants. This product contains no phosphate, nitrate or any other fertilizers that can cause unwanted algae growth. In order to sustain long term results, this nutrient is made to remain soluble in both acidic and alkaline conditions. Flora Plus supplement can be used simultaneously with all other Dymax plant range products such as Iron Essential, Potassium Plus, Phosphorus Plus and Carbon D Plus as needed to provide a balance of nutrients for healthier plant growth. 


Add 10ml (1capful) of solution to every 60L of water. Dissolve with some water before adding directly into the aquarium. Add supplement weekly or after every water change. 

  • Use for plant aquarium only.
  • Safe for shrimp. 
  • Shake well before use.