Fish Keepers Choice Cichlid Flake

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There are many things to consider in keeping your fish healthy but the most effective thing we can do for them is to get their diet right, and as close to what they would eat in nature as possible. If your fish have a good healthy diet they will handle all other kinds of stress much better. They will be less prone to diseases and stress caused by poor water conditions, temperature fluctuations, or other environmental factors, and they will grow faster, look better, and breed more prolifically too. To promote the health, resilience, and vitality of all fish fed Fish Keepers Choice foods is our goal and aim in every product we offer.


Fish Keepers Choice flakes are made right here in sunny QLD AUSTRALIA, in small batches, to ensure the highest quality and freshest food reaches your fish. (there are not thousands of tons of this food sitting in a warehouse getting old and stale waiting for distribution, rather it is made fresh to fill current orders and shipped out to customers and retailers almost immediately!) Also, because it is made in Australia it has not been irradiated as part of the importation process that imported pet foods are subjected to as they cross our boarders. This has many health benefits which can be researched online if you wish to know more about the effect consuming irradiated foods has on our pets. Fish Keepers Choice foods have been made and designed by a long term aquarium hobbyist with over 30 years experience in the fish keeping and breeding industry.


Food Specifications:
Product: Fish Keepers Choice Cichlid
Package Size: 100g – 5KG
Package Type: BAG
Flake Type: CICHLID
Fish Type: Safe for all types of fish (Designed for Cichlids)

Steam Dried Whole Fish Meal, Fish Hydrosylate, Cassava, Kelp, Fresh Carrot, Garlic, Wheat Meal, Extracted Soya Bean Meal, Lecithin, Organic Spirulina, Fish Oil, Montmorillonite Clay, Brewers Yeast Powder, Egg, Astaxanthin, Natural Colourants, Vitamins and Minerals.

Crude Protein min: 38%
Fat: 8%
Fibre: 5%
Moisture 8%



Montmorillonite Clay
is a “living” smectite clay that has been used in hobby and farm ponds for many years. It’s packed with upwards of 60 bio-available minerals and trace elements, plus anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite properties.

Montmorillonite Clay is one of the secrets of champion Koi, Arowana, Discus, Guppy, and other fish breeders, who report:

  • Improved color
  • Healthier skin, scales and skeletal system
  • Improved immunity, including disease & parasite resistance
  • Increased egg production
  • Less deformities
  • Increased fry survival rate
  • Enhanced growth rates
  • Larger fish
  • Stronger and larger fins with improved resistance to splitting
  • Increased lifespan

Scientific studies for aquaculture have supported these claims, reporting:

  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Support of intestinal microflora
  • Larger fish when Montmorillonite Clay is supplemented, even when fed less food
  • A study by the Yobe State Aquaculture college concluded that Montmorillonite clay can completely replace a mineral/vitamin premix in catfish fingerling diets with no adverse effect on growth. The substitution also improved skin quality of the test subjects after only three weeks of feeding.
  • Organs are protected from heavy metal damage
  • Protection from Mycotoxin and other toxins