About R/O Recharge

Fritz R/O Recharge replenishes essential minerals and electrolytes to reverse osmosis or other purified water to reestablish the desired natural water chemistry for your freshwater aquarium habitat. The mineral salts in Fritz R/ORecharge easily restore optimal GH, TDS and KH when used as directed. Provides a beneficial ratio of elements to improve osmoregulation including: potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. 

Directions & Dosage

Add 1 teaspoon of Fritz RO Recharge per 10 US gallons of RO, RO/DI, or other purified water to increase GH by approximately 100-125 ppm GH, and 3 - 4 dKH (60-80 ppm KH). Repeat dose until desired GH and KH levels are reached. RO Recharge can also be added to established systems when GH or KH levels are low. To reduce GH or KH levels, perform partial water changes with untreated RO or RO/DI water. Measure GH and KH levels with Fritz test GH and KH test kits before and after dosing. Limit change in KH to a maximum of 1 dKH (18 ppm KH) per day when fish are present. 

Typical GH ranges in Freshwater Systems
Very soft water fishes (Discus) 0-70 ppm GH
Typical freshwater fish (community species) 70-140 ppm GH
Goldfish and Koi 140-210 ppm GH
Hard water species (African cichlids) 210 + ppm GH