MarinePure Gems are the alternatives designed for small powered filters. Gems are finished with the same durable shell as MarinePure spheres and pods. Due to their small size Gems are ideal for use in internal or hang-on-back filters where space is limited. Gems are sold in 90g packs and it is recommended to use at least one pack in a filter so as to create enough surface area for biological filtration.

Originally funded but the US Government to create the ideal surface area to harbour both and Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria without clogging of needed for servicing.

Used in a wide range of applications outside of the Aquarium industry. This media has seen more Research and Funding go into it than any other product we know of in the marketplace.

This Thin Bio-Film Technology has a unique ability to not only have water pass in and around but it also through the walls of the structure itself.

It will never Needs replacing, Never Clogs and Never builds up Hydrogen Sulphide

MarinePure takes pride of place as the benchmark for all medias in the Aquarium Industry.