Neolamprologus Mulitifasciatus

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Multifasciatus were once only known as Lamprologus multifasciatus, but now they are also known as Neolamprologus multifasciatus. This shell dweller is known also as the smallest cichlid in the world. Males will grow to 1.5 – 2.0 inches and females will grow to .75 – 1.0 inches. Because the Multifasciatus are so small they only have a few fry at a time. The fry can be kept with the parents and it is best to just keep them in their own tank with no other species. Multifasciatus will not bury their shells the way other shell dweller do. They like to dig a bowl in the sand and have their shell inside the bowl. They will dig to the bottom of the aquarium no matter how deep the sand is. It is hard to see them spawn because both parents are small enough to fit into the shell and their spawning is usually unnoticed. I would recommend this cichlid to any who wants to watch them decorate the tank with sand bowls. They are very enjoyable and easy to care for. They feed on flakes and baby brine and anything that is small enough for them.

Lamprologus shell dwellers are a nice addition to a any tank. Some will do best in their own tank, but all of them have such a unique temperament. They love to make their home in empty shells or caves and also love to dig and hide in the sand. All the Lamprologus shell dwellers are a great choice if you have a space limitation.