Dymax The Black reduces stress, increases adaptability, improves appetite, promotes immunity and enhances colour. This product contains natural leaf extract that creates a more natural environment similar to parts of the Amazon River. The Black contains the necessary trace elements, vitamins and minerals that can not only help Arowana, singrays, angles, discus, catfish, pleco and other soft water fish, it will also significantly reduce stress, promote spawning, enhance body colour, increase appetite, improve fish immune system as well as to increase adaptability to new environments. The Black is a perfect conditioner with a combination of vital elements for your aquatic life.


Add 10ml (1 capful) of solution to every 60L of water. Water will not turn blackish colour after applying. Dissolve with some water before adding directly into the aquarium. Suitable for all freshwater aquarium. Use weakly after every water change. Shake well before use.