LCA Triple B 500mls

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LCA Triple B is a concentrated solution tailored to reduce growth of algae such as Black Bear Algae .

6ml per 50L ) 3 times per week.
Dose every 2nd day Monday, Wednesday, Friday with 50% weekly water change.* Please follow instructions and DO NOT OVERDOSE as it may harm livestock. 50% weekly water change is critical*
Active ingredients :
Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, Fulvic acid, Vitamin C, Trace elements.
Safety Directions
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If eyes are exposed wash immediately with water and seek medical attention. If swallowed, contact Poisons Information Centre immediately ( Ph : 131126 )IMPORTANT - DO NOT USE FLOURISH EXCEL , LCA COMPLETE OR CARBON PLUS, OR ANYTHING THAT CONTAINS GLUTARALDEHYDE WITH THIS PRODUCT AS YOU CAN POTENTIALLY HARM LIVESTOCK.