Aquael LEDDY Smart 2 6w Plant Black

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AquaelLeddy Smart 2 Plant, black

An aquarium is not only home and a refuge for the fish, shrimp and aquatic plants, but also -- and probably foremost -- an adornment for every room. For this reason, modern aquarium equipment needs to be functional as well as elegant and tasteful, and its style needs to harmoniously blend in with modern rooms. The new product by AQUAEL – the energy-saving aquarium lamp LEDDY SMART 2 is the best example. It unites elegance and a minimalistic design with highly useful characteristics, which guarantee optimum conditions for every freshwater nano aquarium.

LEDDY SMART 2 has been developed for tanks with a volume of 10 to 50 litres and a maximum height of 35 cm. It uses the most recent LED technology. The light diodes are hidden in a flat (just under 1 cm thick) elegant lampshade. This lamp is absolutely uncomplicated to mount - the lamp arm is just slid onto the rim of the glass (suitable for tanks with a glass thickness of up to 6 mm). The high-performance LED (6W) gives off bright, vitalizing light with a luminous temperature of 6500 K (LEDDY SMART 2 SUNNY) or 8000 K (LEDDY SMART 2 PLANT) and has a light efficiency comparable to a conventional linear flourescent light of 15 W. It enhances plant growth and brings out the natural colours of the plants and animals inside the aquarium in an ideal way.

LEDDY SMART 2 lamps have been designed for the illumination for shrimp tanks and other small freshwater aquaria. An additional advantage is their long useful life and the fact that they are practically maintenance-free. The light diodes used in them have a life of up to 50,000 operational hours without any need for replacement, which adds up to over 10 years of use in the aquarium hobby. 

Technical details
• super flat desing with a thickness of only 1 cm
• LED technology
• power consumption: 6 watts
• luminous temperature of 8000 Kelvin
• suitable for a maximum glass thickness of 4 mm
• colour: black
• approx. 20 x 8,5 x 10 cm (7 cm height from Aquarium edge);