Aquael LEDDY Smart 2 6w Plant Light

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The Leddy Smart LED lights from Aquael is a simple yet efficient LED light designed for use in small and nano aquaria. Leddy Smart lights are very power efficient drawing no more than 6W and the plant light variant is capable of growing medium-low requirement plants in nano aquariums.

Leddy Smart lights are available in black or white and are available with two light varieties:

Sunny Day & Night: NEW in 2021 the Leddy Smart Day & Night is a LED light with three separate operating mode, day/daybreak/night. These modes can be access by quickly flicking the light switch off and on between modes to cycle which mode is prefered. The Sunny Day & Night light is ideal for aquarists looking to have their fishtank on display but wants to establish a steady day night cycle for their fish. The Sunny Day & Night light operates at 4.8W

Plant Light: The Leddy Smart Plant is the ideal leddy smart variety if you are an aquarist looking to focus on the healthy growth of your aquarium plant. Though this variety lacks the different lighting mode of the Sunny Day & Night option the plant light makes up for it with a higher LED density which makes it the brighter option overall. The plant light also has a temperature of 8000K with more use of red LEDs than the sunny variant. The Plant light operates at 6W