Hikari Betta Bio Gold

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Hikari Bio Gold is a superior food mix for your tropical fish. 

Bio Gold Betta contains bio-chemical colour enhancers so that your fish can look vibrant and thrive in their environment. 

Made to a high standard, Hikari food is scientifically tested to ensure that your fish is getting the right nutrition. The Bio Gold Betta contains a mix of premium and natural ingredients, so even the fussiest of fishes will eat every last pellet. 

Bettas are notoriously finicky with their eating habits, so Hikari have made a mix containing delicious Grape Seed Extract and Blood Worms which they will love. 

The pellet size is small and in most cases, will not need to be halved before feeding.

Suitable for all kinds of Bettas.

  • Water absorbing pellets means the food gets a spongey, worm-like texture
  • Will not cloud the tank or leave behind gritty waste
  • Boosts immune system and digestive health.