Bandit Cichlid Guianacara Geyi

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A medium growing cichlid found in the soft, acidic waters of Guyana and Suriname, the Bandit or Geayi Cichlid is named for the distinct stripe covering both eyes. In the aquarium, they are active, interesting fish which will often sift sand through their gills like an eartheater as well as rearrange decor like plants or leaf litter. They are somewhat aggressive despite their relatively small adult size and will typically hold their own with similar or larger moderate to aggressive cichlids. Bandit Cichlids will typically get along in groups of 5 or more as long as ample space for territories and structure in the form of driftwood, caves, and plants is provided. They are a hardy and entertaining aquarium fish that will adapt to most conditions.

  • Common Name: Bandit Cichlid, Acarichthys geayi
  • Origin: French Guiana to Columbia
  • Diet: Pellet Food. Frozen: Mysis, bloodworms, Ocean Plankton; Live blackworms
  • Size: Males 6 inches, Females 4inches.
  • Water Conditions: pH 7.0 to 7.4;
  • Water temperature: 76 to 82 degrees F.
  • Introduced: Pellegrin -1911
  • Sexing: Males will be larger with elongated fins
  • Breeding: Eggs are laid in a cave or on the underside of a flower pot and are guarded by both parents. The female can lay 300 to 500 eggs.  Eggs hatch in 78 hours. Fry will eat baby brine shrimp.
  • Behavior:  The Bandit cichlid is fine with medium sized cichlids in a cichlid community aquarium.  Mix with firemouths, Geophagus, Acarichthys, rainbowbow fish, silver dollars, four line cafish  

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