Bubble Eye Goldfish

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  • Bubble eye: The bubble eye goldfish name is quite self explanatory. It is named for the liquid filled bubbles positioned just below the eyes. The bubble eye goldfish has the same elongated round body as the lion head goldfish. They too lack the dorsal fin and have the double caudal tail fin. A well proportioned bubble eye goldfish will have symmetrical bubbles under each eye and the width of the bubbles on the head should equal the same as the length of the body. Because the bubble sacs are so delicate, this variety of goldfish should be placed in a spacious aquarium with non-aggressive fish. It is possible for the fluid filled sacs to be punctured and deflated so extreme caution should be taken when caring for this fish. If special care is taken with the surroundings of this fish the fluid filled sacs can potentially repair heal. The bubble eye goldfish is available in all the different color combinations. They can reach 6 inches in length and live for up to 10 years long.