Resun LP100 Low Noise Air pump

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The Resun Air Pump LP100 delivers with low noise a maximum high volume air output of 8400L/hr (140 litres per minute), which is suitable for larger aerobic biocycle sewage systems & fish and koi ponds. It must be housed to be protected from dust ingestion. Dust will prematurely wear the rubber valves & diaphragms.

Also used for: Air lift water pumping & aeration, Waste water treatment aeration, biocycle, envirocycle & ecocycle deep water septic tank aeration, Natural swimming pond aeration, Aquaculture pond aeration, Commercial and industrial water aeration, Bubble baths


  • Electromagmetic linear diaphragm technology
  • Low noise. Decibel levels measured in a quiet room using A-frequency weighting with medium back pressure loading on the pump:
    44dB(A)+/- at 3m from air pump, 55dB(A)+/- at 500mm from air pump. A quite room ambient noise level is 30dB(A)+/-
  • Cast aluminium body
  • Voltage/Wattage: 240V / 100W
  • Automatic thermal cut-out overload protection
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Max pressure: 0.042 mPa / 0.42 bar / 420 mbar / 6.1 psi
  • Max air output: 8400L/hr (140 Litres/minute)
  • Air pump outlet diameter: 20mm
  • Must be set-up above the water level
  • Important: Rated IPX4 (meaning - Should be placed in a low dust environment but will tolerate rain and light sprinkling)
  • Maximum water depth for placed airstones or air diffuser: 4.0m
  • Supplied with a plastic 33 outlet x 46mm barbed manifold to suit 4mm - 8mm silicon air line
  • Air Pump dimensions: 270mm(L)x200mm(W)x230mm(H)
  • Weight: Air Pump, 6.6kg. Cartoned pump: 7.31kg