White Crane A.D.P. Super R

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White Crane A.D.P Super Red, Granular Fish Food

A red colour enhancing food for all small sized fish.

High quality fish food with PSB and Astaxanthin to enhance the colour on all kinds of fish which has red colour base. 

PSB itself acts as a colour enhancer, however, the outstanding deep red from A.D.P. Super Red is accepted by all fish hobbyist.

Fish colour improvement will be noticed within 7 days.

This food does not contain sex hormone and is suitable for small sized fish such as tetras, gouramis, guppies, and all kinds of red coloured fish where you want to increase the colour intensity.

Feeding Instructions:
Feed twice a day to achieve full colour.

Fish meal, Wheat, Fish Oil, Maize gluten, wheat gluten, Yeast, Fish Extract, Vitamins, PSB, Enzyme, Probiotic, Astaxanthin, Ethoxyquin (as a preservative)

Min Crude Protein 55%
Min Crude Fat 10%
Max Crude Fiber 2%
Max Moisture 8%

Vitamin A 11,140 IU/Kg
Vitamin D3 2,460 IU/Kg
Vitamin E 220 mg/Kg
Vitamin C 230mg/Kg