Aqua One Battery Air 250c Portable Air Pump

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Battery Air Aqua One Battery Air, Air Pump is a high-performance single outlet air pump that maintains adequate oxygen and water movement when no immediate power supply is available. The battery-operated air pump is the perfect solution for transporting fish or as a backup power supply during a power failure.

Suitable for Coldwater, Tropical & Marine

Features & Benefits:

• Ideal for use when transporting live fish, bait or during a power failure

• Convenient battery operation (2 x D batteries - batteries not included)

• Each air pump comes complete with an Air Hose and Airstone

• Included 12V Power Cable (car cigarette lighter) and USB cable provides an alternate power source (Available in Battery Air 250C #10024)

• Splash resistant casing prevents water damage to the air pump

• Compact design for easy portability