Ludy Needle Leaf

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Ludwigia arcuata is one of the most delicate-looking Ludwigia species. It is widely spread in aquaristics and originates in the southeast of the USA, where it grows creeping or submersed along rivers and on the edges of ponds. It is also found in boggy areas.

The submersed form of L. arcuata looks a lot like Didiplis diandra, and it is also really easily confounded with Ludwigia brevipes, which is in addition often sold in trade under the false name "L. arcuata". Both Ludwigia species can be discerned from each other as emersed flowering plants:
- Ludwigia arcuata:
emersed stem scantily hairy (use a magnifying glass!), pedicel up to 3.5 cm long, petals bright yellow, obovate, up to 11 mm long and 7 mm wide.
- Ludwigia brevipes:
emersed stem without hairs, pedicel up to 1.8 cm long, petals pale yellow, elliptic, 4 to 6 mm long and 2 to 3 mm wide