API Vacation Pyramid Fish Feeder

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API VACATION PYRAMID FISH FEEDER automatically feeds your fish while you’re away from home, and contains nutritious food pellets that are released slowly over the course of 14 days. This product meets the nutritional needs of all fish (goldfish, freshwater tropical, and saltwater).

API VACATION PYRAMID FISH FEEDER should be used as a temporary substitute for daily feeding for your fish while you are away on vacation. This block, which contains a highly nutritious formula, is designed to slowly release the proper amount of food to your fish each day you are gone. This eliminates the risk of friends or neighbors overfeeding the fish, which can lead to harmful ammonia spikes in your tank. This particular feeder lasts up to 14 days, but may pollute water if your tank is left completely unattended for this length of time. Use as directed.

The API VACATION PYRAMID FISH FEEDER is designed to last for 14 days; however, this does not mean that your fish can survive without a water change for 14 days. A fish that is eating is still producing waste, and waste builds up over time. If you must use the feeder block for the full 14 days, it is important that a water change occurs at the 7 day mark. This should be a 25% water change (or 50% if it is a tank under 10 gallons) in order to clear out built up waste from them enjoying the block. Remember, a fish tank requires more maintenance than feeding in order to stay happy and healthy for the duration of your vacation. API VACATION PYRAMID FISH FEEDER is a tool that can be used to make things easier when going on vacation, but it is not the only thing that is needed for the fish to survive and thrive if the vacation is a long one.

Feeding Guide: 1 pyramid is formulated to feed 5 to 10 fish up to 14 days