Aquael Turbo Filter 1000

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Internal aquarium filter created for comprehensive water care. Provides two-stage mechanical and biological filtration, as well as aeration. The Turbo Filter allows you to adjust it to suit your aquarium’s individual needs by using a variety of biological and chemical filter cartridges available from AQUAEL.

Adjust the TURBO FILTER to meet the needs of your aquarium 

With the option of using a variety of filter media, TURBO FILTER is an almost personalized solution, tailored to the specific needs of your aquarium.

Easy installation   

The FAN filter is easy to install and operate. The adjustable hanger allows you to install the filter in aquariums with various glass thickness. You can also attach a hose with a valve for aeration to the hanger. The holder is equipped with four strong suction cups to securely attach the filter to the glass surface.

2 in 1: Filtration and aeration 

The direction of the water outlet can be adjusted across a range of 75° and can be pointed to the right and left. FAN also has an aeration function. These functionalities make this small filter a versatile aquarium tool that can be easily customized.

Recommended Aquarium Size 150 - 250 liters
Power Usage 15W
Efficiency 1000L/H
Dimensions cm Width x Depth x Height 10.1 x 11.3 x 30.3