Aqua Zonic Spectra Miracle LED Light

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 AZ Spectra Miracle Intense Vivid Colours. Brings out your fish’s natural colour in greater intensity and vividness
 AZ Spectra Miracle Miracle Spectrum. Unique technology that instantly enhances your fishes by giving a unique shine and colour depth on the scales, instead of a flat dull colour
 AZ Spectra Miracle Sunlit Effect. Simulates natural sunlight to create graceful surface ripples in your aquarium for a more natural look and feel
 AZ Spectra Miracle Full LEDs. Lower energy consumption, low heat emission and safer compared to standard fluorescents and metal halides


Code No. Description Body Length (With Extendable Leg) Total Wattage • 11000K / RGB / RGB
AL504 Spectra Miracle 60 53cm (60 – 80cm) 26.52W • 0.50W x 12pcs / 0.24W x 48pcs / 1.50W x 6pcs
AL505 Spectra Miracle 90 83cm (90 – 110cm) 38.34W • 0.50W x 18pcs / 0.24W x 66pcs / 1.50W x 9pcs
AL506 Spectra Miracle 120 113cm (120 – 140cm) 51.60W • 0.50W x 24pcs / 0.24W x 90pcs / 1.50W x 12pcs
AL517 Spectra Miracle 150 143cm (150cm – 180cm) 64.14W • 0.50W x 30pcs / 0.24W x 111pcs / 1.50W x 15pcs


Colour Enhancement of Blood Parrots, Cichlids, Discus, Flower Horn, Goldfish, Guppies, Tetras and other freshwater fishes.