Dymax Cichlid Premium

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Dymax Cichlid Premium Sinking Pellet 

  • Includes pure-cultured spirulina to promote vibrant colouring
  • For all herbivorous Cichlids and tropical fish
  • Contains prebiotic bacteria which help improve digestive system
  • Contains B-Glucan that helps to support immune system

Cichlid Premium has developed to provide a complete and balanced nutrition for herbivorous cichlids with a formula rich in vegetable content. This product is made to meet the exact nutritional requirements specifically for all types of African Cichlids (Malawi and Tanganyikan) for its daily diet. With its premium quality ingredients included, Cichlid Premium contains prebiotic bacteria that promotes good health, vigour and improves rapid digestion that is beneficial for your freshwater herbivorous fish. Cichlid Premium also contains linoleic acid to promote healthy organs, improve reproductive capacity, and pure-cultured Spirulina to enhance vibrant colouring.