Dymax Nano Co2 Diffuser

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Dymax Nano CO2 Diffuser, the first innovated design for mini plant aquarium to obtain optimum diffusion of CO2 without any wastage. This diffuser works on the spinning action from the flow of water into the reacting chamber together with the CO2 gas, which creates a vortex style mix and then collides with the bio balls in order to obtain maximum efficiency of the diffusion. Assists in ensuring CO2 lasts longer, as the CO2 is dissolved faster into your aquarium.

To use, connect your CO2 output hose to the top, to dispense CO2 into the diffuser. Connect a small pump (not included) to the top inlet (on the side). The water flow pushes the CO2 down through the bio balls inside the unit, ensuring full dispersion when it outflows at the bottom. Pump, CO2 & hosing required, not included.

Depending on the water flow rate, not all the balls will spin.


  • Multi Directional adapter
  • No wastage of undissolved CO2
  • Connect to a powerhead or filter (not included)
  • CO2 Reacting chamber
  • Easy installation
  • Suction cups included