FRITZ Pond Barley Extract

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FritzPond Barley Extract

  • Naturally Clarifies Pond Water

  • Safe For All Plants and Wildlife

  • Concentrated for Value

  • Easy To Use

  • Compatible With All Other Fritz Products

About FritzPond Barley Extract

FritzPond Barley Extract is the all-natural way to keep pond water clear. FritzPond Barley Extract provides the same benefits of barley straw without the mess. Enzymes derived from the fermentation process help promote a healthy and naturally clear pond. Use every other week to naturally maintain clear water.

Directions & Dosage

Initial dose: Use 8 oz (1 cup) per 500 U.S. gallons (1,893 L). 

Maintenance dosing: Use 1 oz (1/8 cup) per per 500 U.S. gallons. Add maintenance dose every other week.

  • Discontinue use when water temperature falls below 45°F.
  • No equipment restrictions necessary
  • No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
  • Overdosed? Observe livestock for distress, perform small water changes if needed