FRITZ Pond FritzZyme 360 Biological Conditioner

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FritzPond FritzZyme® 360

  • No Need for Refrigeration

  • Two Year Shelf Life

  • Available In Liquid or Dry Formulas

  • Can Be Used with All Other FritzZyme Products, incl 7, 9, Turbo Start, and Trace

  • Great for Use After Maintenance

About FritzPond FritzZyme® 360

Naturally Reduce Organics

Powerful probiotic blends of naturally-occurring heterotrophic bacteria specifically chosen for their ability to quickly digest organic sludge common in aquariums. Sludge includes fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter. When left unchecked, sludge can lead to unsightly algae growth. Rather than relying on freshwater bacteria to treat both fresh and saltwater, Fritz Industries has identified the species that naturally occur and perform best for each environment. FritzPond FritzZyme® 360 contains only species of bacteria native to freshwater. The bacteria in FritzPond FritzZyme® 360 is safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic.

Quality and Value

Using FritzPond FritzZyme® 360 biological aquarium cleaner as a part of regular maintenance will greatly reduce the need for substrate cleaning and water changes, as well as prolong the life of filter media. FritzPond FritzZyme® 360 bacteria will rapidly digest waste, eliminate foul odors, and improve water clarity, promoting a clean, clear, and healthy aquarium. 

Directions & Dosage

If using as a initial dose, use 1 capful (5 ml) per 10 US gallons (38L). 1 cup treats 960 gallons.
For maintenance dosing, use 1 capful per 20 gallons or ½ cup per 960 gallons every two weeks. Shake well.

If using as a initial dose, use 1 tsp per 500 US gallons (1,892L).
For maintenance dosing, use 1 tsp per 1,000 gallons (3,785 L) every two weeks. Add directly to pond in an area of high flow to allow product to circulate.

For a large livestock system or systems with heavy bioload, new system dosage may be safely increased up to 5x.

  • For best results, add directly to aquarium in an area of high flow
  • All chlorine and chloramines must be removed from water before adding FritzPond FritzZyme® 360
  • Maintain adequate water flow or aeration
  • Discontinue use of skimmer and UV sterilizers for at least 48 hours after application
  • No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
  • Safe for use with all species, including plants and invertebrates
  • Safe to add directly into a tank with livestock present
  • Variations of odor and color between bottles is normal, a strong sulfur smell does not mean the bacteria are dead
  • Overdosed? Heterotrophic bacteria are very safe even if overdosed. Observe for any distress, increase aeration and perform small water changes if necessary