S.A.S. Shrimp Pops Probiotic Complete 10 Pack

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Shrimp Pops bring out your shrimp's true colours whilst keeping them strong and powerful for whatever your aquarium ecosystem has to throw at them.

  • Vitamins and minerals for the transfer of proteins
  • The perfect meal for all Caridina and Neo Caridina
  • Moulting will be smooth and seamless
  • Proteins and fats for muscular and skeletal definition
  • All Australian ingredients
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Organic ingredients such as pumpkin, sugar beet, fishmeal, spirulina, astaxanthin and spinach
ALL POPS = Protein 40% Fibre 6% Ash 2%
PROBIOTIC POPS = Protein 10% Fibre 23% Ash 0%