Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double 100ml

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Optimum remineralisation and mineral supplementation
Increases total hardness, does not increase carbonate hardness
With valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins
Promotes natural growth as a valuable food supplement, especially for young shrimps
For balanced growth, health, vitality and high breeding success
For the successful husbandry and breeding of shrimps, especially bee and bumble bee shrimps
Particularly suitable for all species that require soft, slightly acidic water, especially bee shrimps such as Red Bee and Crystal Red and bumble bee shrimps
Also ideal for Neocaridina species and tiger shrimps
With calcium and magnesium in biologically balanced proportions
Creates the ideal conditions for problem-free moulting
Effectively prevents diseases related to mineral deficiency
Optimum in combination with Dennerle Shrimp Soil. Extends the useful life of the substrate as there is no increase in carbonate hardness
Easy to dispense, can be mixed quickly, easy to use

For rapid, species-appropriate conditioning of osmosis water, rain water and demineralised water, and for specific mineral supplementation as needed. Specially developed for the husbandry and breeding of shrimps from softwater habitats, such as bee shrimps and bumble bee shrimps and related breeds.

Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double creates water with higher total hardness, but not carbonate hardness, similar to that which softwater shrimps are accustomed to in their natural habitat. Creates an ideal, slightly acidic pH of approx 6.0-6.9 (depending on the water source, substrate, stones and roots).

Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double provides shrimps with all of the essential minerals, trace elements (incl. iodine, fluorine) and vitamins they require for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant colouring and plentiful reproduction. At the same time the multi-mineral solution promotes the performance of filter bacteria and supports plant growth.

The advantages over powdered salts: Easier to dispense, can be mixed more quickly and is therefore easier to use. Ideal for a quick partial water change. 1 drop in 1 litre of water increases the total hardness by approx. 1 ?d and the conductivity by approx. 40 ?S/cm.